Our Team

Below is the Genesis project team which will oversee this partnership and ensure Smart Mobile is delivered the best product with the best service.

  • Project Manager: Project Manager will be Adrian Stevenson. Stevenson will oversee the core project team which will manage this project and keep track of the updates and timelines. Core team is made up of the five below individuals, each whom oversees a specific functional team. Mr. Stevenson will handle all further project contract negotiation and oversee all communication with Smart Mobile.
  • Design Engineering: This team consists of 5 designers led by Genesis Lead Designer Vinodh Raj Subramanian. Genesis designers will work hand in hand with Smart Mobile for product design and any changes to design throughout the project lifespan.
  • Quality Team: In Genesis, quality of the product is the highest value. For this purpose, we offer the best quality team with 4 engineers, led by Krati Sharma, the Quality Control Leader.
  • Process Engineering Team: Katherine Ariel Rudnitsky, the Manufacturing Operations Chief will be leading the process engineering team in this project. This team is in charge of all prototyping and testing.
  • Supply Chain Team: Genesis always delivers on time due to a robust  supply chain. All of our major vendors have been partners for over eight years. Drew Rowe leads the supply chain team.  
  • Financial and Accounting Team: Khas-Ochir Sod-Erdene leads Genesis’s Finance and Accounting Team. Khas has overseen many other high budget projects such as our work with Apple and Samsung.